Friday, December 2, 2016

Levity Apparel Artifacts

We wanted to design a unique packaging for our customers that would be intriguing and make them extra excited to receive their order. Our company wants to be set apart from other companies, and our packaging details is one way we plan on doing that. We value our customers and care about them getting quality service so they will purchase from us again. We care about our customers far past the point of them clicking "check out" on our website. We want return customers and we believe our packaging design and details show a great effort on our part to satisfy and intrigue our customers. Customers usually develop a bond with a company through their physical customer service and store. Since we are a strictly online company, a strong relationship has to be developed with our customers through their purchases and our easy to manage website; we believe this packaging also helps develop that relationship.

 Our packaging details stay within our style guide. We believe our design has a good balance of contrast and harmony. There is harmony within the neutral color scheme of our packaging. Our color scheme envelopes a casual yet sophisticated feel with the colors of black, white and grey. Our brand is very low key and casual and we want our packaging to also represent that. There is also contrast with the different sides having a pattern and lettering. It keeps the eye interested in the object and provoking the customer to continually turn the box so that they can see the pattern continue. We liked the contrast of our box shape in comparison to other boxes someone would usually receive when they order something online; it sets us apart. We also made a point to make sure our name and logo are visible and present from any direction of viewing the box.

The law of similarity is present within our packaging as we stay within our color guide to present unity withing the neutrals. The colors and design all group together. The law of closure is also present, even though our box isn't visually put together, all of the sides can be seen and put together as a whole.

All of our packaging designs has a lot of great use of lines, both vertical and horizontal that keep the eye interested. We used complimentary shapes and forms that coexist within the space provided. Our color is constant throughout each artifact. We believe our colors can connect with a wide audience of both males and females. All of these elements go with the theme of our company and build a basis of recognition for those who see our company.

Packaging details:
Custom designed Levity Apparel Tissue Paper

Contrast between colors and shapes create an interesting design that will excite our customers each time they open a package from us. We stayed within our color guide creating a simple yet memorable design that our customers will become familiar with, adding to their purchasing experience.The shapes simple circles and triangles but our use of placement and negative space allows your eyes to follow the shapes.

Extra Collateral: Free stickers within each purchase as an extra incentive to purchase from us. We stayed very simple with these - we just wanted our logo on them with our colors. This benefits us and our customers because they get a cool free sticker to put on their car, laptop, etc of their favorite brand and we get free advertising. We see that this stickers will help spread awareness of our awesome company and build more interest in others as they see our stickers repped by our supporters. We want to be seen and these stickers are a great avenue for that!

Monday, November 21, 2016


For this assignment, I was in charge of researching the Production Designer for Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. First off, the Production Designer's job in a film is to identify a design style for sets, locations, graphics, props, lighting, camera angles and costumes. This job comes with a lot of responsibilities that make a great effect on the details of the film.The Production Designer for this film is Brian Morris. Morris is from Lancashire, England and was born in 1939. 

He is well known for his work on films such as the first Pirates, Evita and the Insider. Morris had great success during his career and was nominated at the 69th Academy Awards in the category of Best Art Director for his work on the film Evita. During the course of his career, he has worked on over 30 films since 1973. 
In my opinion, Morris did a wonderful job on this film and really set the scene for many fans to enjoy these movies and really get engaged in the film.


Produced under rather unconventional circumstances, the filmmakers began designing and building many set pieces as well as scouting for locations before a script was complete. "I was able to do storyboards before many of the scenes were in place because a lot of the bones were already there, says Verbinski. "Brian Morris [production designer] and I would start exploring ideas, we'd discuss it with the writers, and some of them would end up in the script.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Rule of Thirds

I took this picture of my friend Chelsey and tried to portray the rules we discussed in class. I let Chelsey be the focus of the picture but she is a little off center and most of her would be in the far right third of the picture. I think that makes the picture more interesting to look at it. Even before I learned of these rules, I usually take pictures of friends like this because I think it more appealing to the eye. It was interesting to find out it is an actual rule that we are supposed to follow when taking pictures. My eyes were aware of a rule that I hadn't yet learned.  I also tried to allow her dominant eye to be at an intersection. I like that she is the main focus of this picture and her surroundings compliment her!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Gestalt Principles

Law of Similarity- group similar things together
Law of Proximity- group things close together. They tend to be perceived as a group.
Law of Pragnanz- reality is put to its simplest form.
Law of Closure- objects grouped together are seen as a whole.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Contrast, Harmony and Balance

As we were discussing Contrast, Harmony and Balance in class, I had multiple pictures come to mind. I loved the pictures we viewed in class and the elements discussed within them. I chose this picture because of the intriguing elements within it, this pictures has it all. The man in the picture is my fiancé Greg and it was taken in Gustavus, Alaska last month.
We were out adventuring and came across this abandoned dock with a breathtaking view. This picture is captivating to me and it exhibits the elements we discussed in class. I love the contrast in the picture. Starting off with size, there is such a large difference between the size of Greg and the dock as a whole. As I look at the enormity of the dock compared to him, it appears the depth of the dock may consume him. There is contrast due to his position at the front of the dock, it appears as it could go on forever after him. I love the differing textures with in this picture. There is stillness in the water because it is landlocked and doesn’t get any waves from the open ocean. If you look closely you can see the details of the weathered wood of the posts and the dock itself. I love my fiancé but it does appear that his presence on the dock isn’t right and is a contrast in and of itself. As I look at the picture it feels almost as though he is interrupting the stillness and ambience there.
There are so many areas of balance within this picture because of the symmetry of the lines within it. I love the wood posts of the dock and how they make your eyes automatically go backwards. When I look at the dramatic lines I feel peace because of their symmetry. My eyes quickly go to the reflection of the trees in the water and the perfect symmetry present there.
There is a great sense of tranquility at this spot and I believe it is evident in this picture because of the harmony that is present. The colors in this picture exemplify the true Alaskan beauty. The almost teal water color, worn down wood and tall green trees are all breathtaking and relieving. The different color contrasts seem natural and go together. There is harmony in nature that I believe man cannot recreate it. I felt that harmony in this spot and continue to as I look at this picture. The shapes and lines are sharp and dramatic but there is harmony in the way the repeat throughout the frame.
            To add a bit of context to this picture, I would like to add that this picture was taken the day after Greg proposed to me. This picture is so special to me because of the timing of it. I love the beautiful surroundings and I love Greg because he has truly made my life more beautiful.

This picture also possesses a lot of Gesalt principles. The law of similarity is evident with the similar wood and poles on the dock. The law of continuity is evident as your eyes are drawn to the back of the picture. I believe each one of the principles in a way are evident there is some way but these two are most dominant in my eyes in this picture.